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#1 Player Development & Mental Skills Academy For Basketball Players

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Since 2010, I have personally trained over 1,000 basketball players from the triangle region and across the world.



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"Our son Matt, age 15 has been training with coach Kevin for the past few years. He was already a serious player before he started training with Kevin but Kevin has taken his game to another level between the intense basketball drills,speed work and strengthening workouts Matt has improved tremendously. However what has impressed us the most is Kevins great perspective and advice that he has provided Matt on his basketball journey. Kevin is not only a great basketball trainer but a great life coach who has a wonderful way with kids."

Matt Polsky
Rina & Gregg

"Coach Kevin’s training is more intense than any other trainer I have dealt with. This style of training has helped me take my game to the next level. I went from no scholarships to starting my first year on a nationally ranked college team. He really cares for his athletes he trains works them hard to get them result"

Aaron Burress

"Coach Kevin Gibbs as a coach,trainer, and mentor is one of the best in the athletic industry. During my year training with him he was everyday example of true professional work ethic and gave me the tools necessary to achieve my ultimate purpose."

Hakeem Aquil

We care about your child's success!

Coach Kevin mentors his students to become champions on the court and in the classroom.

Self-Confidence Mastery

Our goal is to help your child TRANSFORM their self-confidence to play the game with ease.

Technical Development

Through training with game-like drills and repetition, your child will become a standout player.

Daily Accountability

We teach players to take self-responsibility on their own through Kevin's unique accountability system.



Meet Coach Kevin Gibbs

My name is Kevin Gibbs and I am a Basketball Trainer. Coach, and Mentor to student athletes. I’ve had the privilege of playing for 3 colleges. Which included NJCAA, Division 2, and Division 3. This experience allowed me to learn from a variety of coaches. Which help me transition to my basketball training and coaching career.

After my college career, I worked as Player Development Specialist/ Director of Basketball Operations for Shooting4Greatness Academy in Raleigh NC. Here is where he successfully helped over 100+ students athletes achieve a college scholarship. During these six years. I learned how to access physical, social, emotional, and behavioral characteristics in students athletes.

Coach Kevin is excited to help the next generation of soccer players who are hungry to improve. His program is suited for boys and girls (ages 10+) who have the passion and desire to improve. 

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Develop The 10 Mental Performance Skills Every Basketball Player Needs To Reach Their TRUE Potential


The Mental Performance Mastery for Basketball Players Program Is for you if:


  • You’re a basketball player who’s tired of falling short  and you know you have more in you 


  • You’re the parent or coach of an athlete (or athletes) who’s tired of seeing those you care most about fall short of their potential because they lack confidence or mental


  • You’re a basketball player who refuses to accept being “average”, and you’re looking for something to help you become ELITE.

  •  You’re committed to taking ACTION.